NxLeveL 2022

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NxLeveL is a 14-topic course running over 15 weeks designed for entrepreneurs who want to expand an existing business and for those seriously considering starting a new business. Participants develop a comprehensive business plan during the course to act as the road map for future growth.

In addition to the business plan and entrepreneurial course outline, NxLeveL provides a unique networking virtually non-existent in many communities. Participants in this course share ideas, best and worst practices, and become advisors to each other. Many small business owners rely on family members or friends when it comes to advice and feedback about the business. The confidential, safe atmosphere provided by this program allows a true bonding among business owners.

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Guest speakers are brought in each week to share expertise in a particular area of business operations, and the Q & A time is invaluable. All instructors complete NxLeveL certification training.