NxLeveL FAQ’s

Q.     Do I have to have business experience to take the class?

A.     No, NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs is a comprehensive program designed to educate you on the key elements which contribute to the success of a new business.

Q.     Will I receive credit or a grade for the class?

A.     No, Students participate in a Non-Credit program.  Grades are not assigned to course work.  Your individual effort and progress is a measurement of your dedication to your future. Students receive a NxLeveL Certificate which identifies you as a course graduate.

Q.     How much time will I need to commit to the class?

A.     In addition to the weekly class time, students are encouraged to plan at least the same amount of time to study, research and work on their plan.

Q.     Who has taken this course in the past?

A.     Physicians, contractors, plumbers, real estate agents, business consultants, landscapers, restaurant owners, flower shops, breweries, health facilities, numerous retail shops, beauty salons, manufacturing businesses, web developers, veterinarians, and many more.

Q.     What types of Text materials are used?

A.     The NxLeveL textbook covers all components of Business Planning and also acts as a valuable reference resource long after the course is completed. There is also a Workbook which guides you through the business planning process using clear and concise business exercises.  In addition the NxLeveL website contains valuable information.