Nevada SBDC Publications

Business License and Permits by County
These guidelines contain the suggested steps along with a listing and brief description of the forms and filings necessary for business operations in each of Nevada’s counties and their principle cities.
Self Assessment Guide
This “Going into Business Checklist” will help you determine if you are ready to own and operate your own business.  If you are meeting with a Nevada SBDC counselor, fill this out as completely as you can, then, bring it to your first meeting.
Forms of Business Ownership
This guide will help you with one of the first executive decisions you’ll make for your new business, choosing the type of legal organization that’s best for you and your business.

Starting a Small Business in Nevada
Our comprehensive guide to setting up, financing, and operating your business.
(It is a huge file, be patient)

Gui­a para comenzar un pequeno negocio en Nevada
Our comprehensive guide to setting up, financing, and operating your business, in Spanish.
(It is a huge file, be patient)

Business Plans Made Simple
A short guide to creating a successful business plan.
Business Plan Template
A template for a basic business plan by the SBA.
Plan de Negocios hecho sencillo
A simple guide to creating a successful business plan in Spanish.

How to Buy or Sell a Business
Provides a very good overview of this transaction from both the buyer and the seller’s point of view.

Factors Landlords Consider When Setting the Term of a Lease
Baked GoodsDried GoodsJams & Preserves
Guides to starting a cottage food business in Nevada
A great overview of marketing plans and how to write an effective one.

This document, created by our Las Vegas Office, contains useful links to web resources of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Marketing and General Business Research Sources, useful State and Federal Sites, along with links to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada Chambers of Commerce, and other Southern Nevada Resources.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Fact Sheet

Contains useful information on programs for Minority, Disabled Veteran, and Women Owned Businesses.
This publication provides a list of the required notification posters and links to their sources.  Please note: while there are firms that sell these to you, they are all available free from the agencies that require them.
Contains information on the often asked question, “Can  I just hire this person as an Independent Contractor and save myself the time, trouble, and expense of having an employee?”
Analyzing Your New Product
A checklist for basic product development.  If you are coming to see a counselor about this product, please fill this out as completely as possible and bring it with you.

Basic Small Business Advice
Many people who want to start or expand a small business start off without enough research and planning. The result is that four out of five fail within five years. This page sets out the basic things you need to know.

Suggested Loan Package Outline
Contains a one page list of the typical documents and information you will have to supply to a financial institution with your loan application.

Evaluating a Business For Sale
The first step a buyer must take in evaluating a business for sale is that of reviewing its history and the way it operates. It is important to learn how the business was started, how its mission may have changed since its inception and what past events have occurred to shape its current form.

Avoiding Patent, Trademark & Copyright Problems
Patents, copyrights and trademarks, as well as “know how” or trade secrets, are often referred to collectively as “intellectual property.” Many firms have such property without even being aware of it or of the need to take measures to protect it.

FAQ’s About Small Business Loans
What Do Lenders Really Need to Grant Small Business Loans?

Sample Business Plans

Word Smith Grant Writing Business Plan

Live Butterfly Sales Business Plan

Xmas Ornaments Business Plan

Outdoor Baby Blanket Business Plan

Software Engineering Consulting Business Plan

Seasonal Cloth Dolls Business Plan

Machine Embroidery Business Plan

Consultant Facilitation Business Plan

Box and Ship Business Plan

Home Building Contractor Business Plan

Photo Library Business Plan

Chili Seasoning Business Plan

Market Gardening Business Plan

Folk Art Home Decor Business Plan

Bison Ranch Business Plan