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This self-assessment has been created to help you to assess your entrepreneurial capacity and identify potential difficult aspects for you as you start your business. You will receive scores regarding personal, business, and lifestyle readiness.

The purpose of a personal assessment is to help you see more clearly the habits you possess and to compare these to the core traits of entrepreneurs. Remember, this is a starting point for you to identify the skills you might need to improve upon as you begin your small business venture.

Running a small business requires you to be a jack-of-all-trades. It is important to know early on which skills you have and those you will have to learn or delegate to others. The skills covered in this section can be acquired if you work at it. When answering the questions, consider past and present activities, including community, religious or professional organizations, work, family, or hobbies. Chances are you routinely use many business skills without knowing it.

The lifestyle assessment looks at the effects that starting and running a small business will have on not only your life, but your loved ones as well. Lifestyle preference encompasses what you value as a human being – who you are, the priorities in your life that guide your decisions and determine what motivates you. You will need to study these lifestyle issues in order to create a compatible work and personal life fit.

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