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HERServices, Las Vegas

Nevada Small Business Development Center helps environmental hazard safety training company win bid for military project.

HERServices is an environmental hazard assessment and safety training company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Diane Hale, the owner of HERServices, mentions that without the help of the Nevada SBDC, HERServices would not have reached its current level of success.

Initially, Hale only visited the Nevada SBDC to use the computers and acquaint herself with the military’s multitude purchasing systems. After realizing that the Nevada SBDC could assist with many aspects of small business, Hale began to incorporate their help into the development of HERServices. Most notably, the Nevada SBDC played an important role in winning HERServices a state bid for $700,000.

“It was going to be rebid and broken down into individual items, due to a misunderstanding of the regulations by the procurement officer,” said Hale. “That meant that we would most likely not be able to compete for it as larger businesses would then cherry pick their products and beat us out on price.”

With the help of the Nevada SBDC, Hale was able to change the procurement officer’s mind and was subsequently awarded the bid, something that Hale says “meant a lot” to her small business.

Hale mentions that she has already begun to spread the word about the invaluable help the Nevada SBDC can provide to potential small business owners. After attending the NxLeveL classes, the Nevada SBDC’s signature training program, Hale was eager to let fellow businesses know about everything the Nevada SBDC has to offer.

“I probably recommend their classes over 50 times a year and send out notices to other businesses that I work with,” said Hale. “I have learned a lot about how to run my business and seek out clients from their workshops.”

Although HERServices now has many clients, Hale notes that one of her biggest initial challenges was participating in the “man’s world” of the environmental hazard and safety training industry. By displaying knowledge in the fields of mining, industry and aerospace, Hale was able to win over the confidence of customers and build an impressive clientele.

“It is very gratifying hearing positive feedback from clients on how we have made a difference at their companies,” said Hale. “I like to think that just perhaps I helped save their facilities from fires or injuries to workers.”

Moreover, Hale believes that being a small business has led to having several distinct advantages over larger companies.

“There is freedom in working for yourself, setting your own hours, and selecting projects that you know will bring value to your clients,” said Hale. “As a small business I find that I can be more versatile in providing services and products to my clients.”

Hale also believes HERServices separates itself from other competitors in the industry by having a highly trained staff that includes Certified Hazardous Materials Managers, Dangerous Goods Professionals, Environmental Managers and Civil Engineers.

“We take our experiences and lessons learned from other businesses and share them with our new clients,” said Hale.

One of the major milestones HERServices has reached was obtaining and renovating a building to be much more energy efficient. According to Hale, the circa 1980’s building is now 37% more energy efficient than current code and allows the members of HERServices to hold large classes.

“We plan to build upon our experiences to demonstrate to other businesses on how to save money through tax credits, utilities rebates and grants to renovate and incorporate their own energy upgrades at their buildings,” said Hale.

As for the future, HERServices plans to continue to make Nevada a safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly state to work in.

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