Nevada SBDC

Through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), our advising services are designed to prepare you for access to capital. Thereby promoting economic growth through business starts, increased sales and job creation. To enhance a business’s capacity to secure capital but also fortify its operational resilience, positioning it for sustainable growth and success in a competitive market. With the idea to address market gaps and promote the growth of small businesses across all communities in Nevada, this program aims to serve:

Very small business

Socially and economically disadvantaged individuals


One-on-One Advising

Personalized to your ideas, business, and situation.

Educational workshops

Focused on legal, financial, and accounting struggles small businesses face.

Specific Advising Topics:

  • Legal – licensing, business structures, hiring employees
  • Financial – financial management, reporting, cash flow projections, annual budgets, credit counseling
  • Accounting – bookkeeping, small business banking

Legal guidance ensures that businesses comply with regulations, mitigating risks and fostering a foundation of legal soundness.

Financial advice facilitates the development of robust financial strategies, optimizing cash flow management and showcasing fiscal responsibility to lenders or investors.

Accounting expertise ensures accurate and transparent financial reporting, instilling confidence in stakeholders and augmenting a company’s financial credibility.

Why Register for Our Services at Nevada SBDC?

Experts in small business management

Confidential advising

Virtual appointments available

Connections to resources in the community

Locations across Nevada

No cost for our services. Always. As many times as you need to see us.

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