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A+ Learning Center

When Sarasue Spielman took over the A+ Learning Center, the business was bankrupt and the building was run down and filled with trash. With the help of the Nevada Small Business Development Center, Spielman has turned the business into a safe and fun environment for children to grow and learn.

Spielman has had a passion for teaching young children ever since she served as the Early Education Administrator for Ocean View School District in southern California. It was this experience that inspired her to run a preschool. However, when Spielman first set her sights on A+ Learning Center, the business was in no way fit for service.

“The building looked like something you would see on Hoarders,” said Spielman.

Through an immense amount of time and effort, Spielman was able to clean up and renovate the building, and offer A+ Learning Center as a valuable resource for parents with preschool-age children.

“When I took over, there were only three employees with a total enrollment of 20 children,” said Spielman. “We now have 15 employees and 90 children.”

“There are so many facets to consider and experience is necessary,” said Spielman.

Moreover, Spielman notes that the majority of customers at A+ Learning Center are incredibly pleased with the services provided. Many factors have contributed to this success, such as the quality of teachers and staff members.

“It is critical to me that our staff has the necessary education and characteristics to work with small children,” said Spielman.

Aside from having an outstanding staff, A+ Learning Center separates itself from similar services through its desire to form a partnership with parents, as well as the pleasant environment it provides for kids to play and learn in.

“Our school feels more like home because it is not in a strip mall and was designed with playgrounds, real grass and trees,” said Spielman. “Our children are well prepared by the time they start kindergarten.”

Overall, Spielman takes pride in being a small business owner, something she refers to as a “lifelong goal.” However, it is ultimately her passion for working with children that motivates her to make A+ Learning Center the best it can be.

Spielman partly attributes her success to her longstanding relationship with the Nevada SBDC, which has lasted ten years. The services provided include financial analysis, facilitating purchase of the business, and marketing and operations assistance.

“I have found the services very valuable,” said Spielman.

Spielman mentions that she would “highly recommend” that potential business owners seek help from the Nevada SBDC.

“There are so many highlights to working with children every day. Their hugs, kisses and smiles change the world in miraculous ways,” said Spielman.

As for the future, A+ Learning Center hopes to continue increasing enrollment while providing children with a safe place to learn and have fun.

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