Flex Appeal

Amanda Mendoza


For Amanda Mendoza, what started as a passion for going to the gym turned into a career move that benefits the community both physically and economically.

Mendoza, the general manager of Flex Appeal, a fitness facility in Reno, Nevada, met co-owner Matt Hayley while working out with him at her old gym. Eventually, the pair decided to open their own gym that focused on 24-hour service and providing amenities that elevate the customer experience. Hayley provided the personal training expertise while Mendoza brought the business know-how. After getting in contact with an investor and putting together a business plan, Flex Appeal opened its doors with relatively few hitches.

According to Mendoza, business could not be better, and all customer feedback so far has been nothing but positive.

“The members love the convenience of location, and that we’re open 24 hours,” said Mendoza.

Aside from being open 24 hours, Flex Appeal offers services such as personal training, massage therapy, chiropractic services, a protein bar, supplement sales, spray tanning and even gluten free donuts made by a bakery.

Moreover, Mendoza believes that one of the most rewarding aspects of running Flex Appeal so far has been seeing how they’ve been able to help a lot of people reach their fitness and life goals, as well as seeing members socialize and form positive relationships with one another.

“Many people don’t know each other but become gym buddies and work out together,” said Mendoza.

Although Mendoza knew how to go about opening Flex Appeal due to having a bachelor’s degree in business, one thing she did need help with was financial projections, required to secure a loan. That’s when she turned to the Nevada Small Business Development Center for assistance. Jake Carrico, a student intern at the Nevada SBDC, was happy to help.

“His projections helped us a lot,” said Mendoza.

With Carrico’s support, Mendoza was able to get all paperwork taken care of and Flex Appeal successfully opened its doors.

“I would definitely recommend the Development Center,” said Mendoza. “We’ve already recommended two of our friends.”

Mendoza also takes pride in the fact that Flex Appeal has had a positive economic impact on the community.

“We’ve definitely brought more traffic to the area, especially with the early morning crowds,” said Mendoza.

To any potential business owners that are ready to take the first step, Mendoza offered advice.

“Make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Make sure all contracts are read thoroughly and everything’s good to go. A lot can happen that is out of your hands.”

As for the future, Flex Appeal plans to build its membership base by emphasizing convenience and excellent service.

To find out more about Flex Appeal visit http://www.flexappealreno.com/ or like its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/775flex.