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Island Rainbow Wellness

Shelby Molchan

Shelby Molchan had originally planned on building Island Rainbow Wellness Center on, you guessed it, an island. The Big Island of Hawaii, in fact.  However life had other plans, and Shelby stayed in Carson City to bring a little bit of island living to Nevada.

Shelby opened Island Rainbow Wellness Center in March of 2010, after having spent 25 years in the beauty industry and gaining 15 years of medical background. She understands and specializes on the connection between health and outward beauty. Thus, her services are not those of a standard salon.

Shelby stands by the adage: “beauty comes from the inside”, and her center focuses on enhancing beauty by cleaning from within. She specializes in Colon Hydrotherapy, ionic foot detoxification, and ear candling.

Her career focus arose from personal medical issues. Shelby had been bedridden for over a year when she found Colon Hydrotherapy (colonics) – a technique by which you cleanse the bowel to limit the amount of toxins that leach into the body. The process helped Shelby become healthy again, she decided to learn more about the details of the procedure and eventually became a certified Colon Hydrotherapist.

Shelby understood that going into business would also involve education. Shelby turned to the Nevada Small Business Development Center. With the guidance of Nevada SBDC advisors, Shelby embarked on “an amazing learning process” in which she performed market research, wrote a business plan, and examined financial spreadsheets and projections. “[The Nevada SBDC] put me in touch with people who would finance me and helped in the loan application process,” said Shelby.  She received her business loan and opened her doors in March of 2010. She’s been busy since the inception.

And while Shelby is thrilled with her launch, she plans to expand her services to include an infrared sauna, manicures, pedicures, and reflexology. But she realizes the limitations of being the only employee.

“With the amount of business that I’m getting, I won’t be able to do everything by myself,” said Shelby, who would like to hire more employees.

Additionally, she’s planning on featuring other practitioner workshops (yoga, belly dancing, movement) during evenings in the summer.

When asked what advice she has for other business owners Shelby said, ”Pursue every lead; you never know where good information is going to come from. You never know who this person knows.”

And while she’d initially planned on working on an island in the Pacific, Shelby said she’s going to stay in Nevada.

“I have my hands full and I’m having a blast. I came to Carson City because there was nobody doing what I do in this area. I’m very encouraged by my clients in Carson, and loyal clients who followed me from Reno and as far away as Mammoth.  I’m very grateful for that.”

Island Rainbow Wellness Center is located at
1801 Hwy 50 East
Bulding C
Carson City 89701

Shelby can be reached at:

Success story compiled and written by Cecil “Chuck” McCumber – Graduate Assistant – Nevada Small Business Development Center