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Sala Dentistry

Sala Family Dentistry has been owned and operated for over forty years. The Sala Family has developed a dentistry legacy. Dr. Mike Sala founded the business in 1974 and passed his practice down to his two sons, Dr. Todd and Dr. Jason Sala, in 2003. The Salas have established their business on the basis of, “Caring People, Caring for People” and have demonstrated this at their current location in Reno. The Salas offer their experience in cosmetic dentistry, relaxed dentistry, general dentistry, children’s dentistry, and laser dentistry.

As the Salas’ business progressed, they found themselves with a difficult decision of whether to expand, their worksite to better fulfill the needs of their patients.

In 2014, Todd and Jason approached the Nevada Small Business Development Center to determine whether or not expanding the size of their business would be a good idea. They met with advisor, Rod Jorgensen, who analyzed their financials.

“Rod confirmed our thoughts about the growth potential for our office and passed along confidence that our vision could become a reality,” said Todd and Jason Sala, “When decisions were confirmed and we were given an opportunity to succeed, having Rod on our side created an environment for success.”

The expansion was completed October, 2015 and allowed the Salas to provide orthodontic and pediatric care, segueing into more jobs and more clients. The new facility features a number of treatment rooms and created twenty new jobs with the expectation of creating twenty-five more jobs within the next five years.

“Our growth will support our current and future employees and their families, as well as allow us to provide the most current and best practices in dentistry to the Reno community” said, Todd and Jason Sala.

With the consistent growth of the business, the Salas hope to accommodate the Reno-Sparks area as it continues to grow. The continued expansion of Sala Family Dentistry will provide more care for patients while creating jobs among the growing population.