Fredesvinto Original Sauce


Chef Fredesvinto and his wife, Monica, proudly founded their small family business back in 2018 in N Las Vegas, NV.

Their goal was to carefully produce the best crafted gourmet tomato sauce in the world. And they did it! Based on Spain’s most popular pasta sauce: Tomate Frito, we recovered an old recipe in the family for generations.

Their creations are unique, elegant, and versatile. They cook ultra-high-quality gourmet tomato sauces crafted in small batches. Their outstanding sauces are cooked for almost 3 hours to get the thickness and unique robust flavors. They only use 100% All-Natural ingredients and they don’t add any sugar or artificial color or flavor. All their products are Vegan Friendly and Gluten-Free. A healthy, extra- thick, and Non-Chunky creations to revolutionize the pasta sauces’ world.

Only 6 months after they launched Fredesvinto Original Gourmet Sauce, the best Specialty Grocery Chains in the US asked to carry it due to its revolutionary flavor, elegant texture, and healthy formula.

You can find their sauces at Whole Foods Market and HEB Central Market besides over 50 independent retailers across the USA. From California to Delaware.

Also, you’ll find all their products available online at






and Shop Made in Nevada.

Their sauces taste rich and flavorful, the likes you have never experienced. Explore The Ultimate Tomato Sauce Experience.