Grocery Store Aisle

The Brazil Store

Alicia Cepeda is the owner of The Brazil Store: a Brazilian mini-market located in Las Vegas. Cepeda, originally from Brazil, purchased the store in distress from the former owner. She saw potential in the store and began to implement changes in how she did business at the store.

“I realized that I needed help. I wanted to take a class on how to run a business”, said Cepeda.

She took classes offered at the Nevada Small Business Development Center.

“I took several classes from the Nevada SBDC and became a client of the center. Working with my business advisor has been a blessing. It helped me so much to focus and see what to do. I have gotten some great advice in pricing and marketing my products as well as strategically planning for the future”, said Cepeda. “I want to keep working with the Nevada SBDC. I am looking forward to improving and expanding my business”, said Cepeda.