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Even auto mechanics need help recharging their batteries from time to time. For Aaron and Amanda Keller, owners of The Garage, a full-service automobile repair shop in Pahrump, Nevada, that help came from their Nevada SBDC advisor.

The business start-up process can seem intimidating. There are always forms to fill out and licenses to acquire. There may be funding to seek, a location to find, employees to hire, and a website to design. It’s normal to face setbacks during some of these steps. To prevent these setbacks from derailing the entire business, it helps to have someone to keep you on track, provide support, and keep you motivated, or as Aaron Keller puts it, “recharge your batteries.”

By early 2011, Aaron Keller, a 15-year veteran of the automotive repair industry was fed up with automotive repair shops charging unfair prices for repairs, replacing parts that didn’t need to be replaced, and generally providing poor customer service. Amanda says, “We wanted to eliminate that for customers in Pahrump.” So after being referred to the Nevada SBDC from the local Chamber of Commerce, the Kellers began the process of starting The Garage under the guidance of their Nevada SBDC advisor.

There were setbacks along the way. For example, they were turned down for financing by the first bank at which they applied. But they didn’t let setbacks such as this get in the way of their goal of starting an honest garage that put the best interests of their customers first. On the recommendation of the Nevada SBDC they applied for and received a loan with the Rural Nevada Development Corporation. By June of 2011 The Garage was open for business.

Word of The Garage’s low prices and honest service has spread throughout the community. Despite the strong competition in Pahrump, business is going well as it approaches its two-year anniversary. Aaron and Amanda currently employ two other employees and they’re all looking forward to the busy summer season.

So if you’re in Pahrump and you need your car battery recharged, or any other automotive repair for that matter, take it to The Garage. If you’re anywhere in Nevada and you’d like someone to provide you with guidance, support, and motivation as you start or grow your business, visit your local Nevada SBDC office.

For more information on The Garage, visit or call (775) 751-5800.

For more information about the Nevada SBDC, visit or call (775) 784-1717.