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Golden MFG

Advisor: Anabel Navarro

When Golden MFG, a small, minority-owned printing company in Las Vegas, reached out to the Nevada SBDC in early 2023, they already had an established place of business, a business plan, and were experiencing steady growth. However, they knew that they needed to move to a larger operations center, adjust their marketing plan in order to maintain their rate of growth, and needed a cash infusion to accomplish these needs. By building a larger network, expanding operations and their marketing footprint, Golden MFG was sure they could grow to service the larger Las Vegas area. But executing these tasks was proving difficult, and they needed guidance to accomplish these growth milestones.

Golden MFG was matched with experienced Nevada SBDC Advisor Anabel Navarro, who walked them through their options for expanding their local network through the Nevada SBDC’s Made in Nevada program, joining local Chambers of Commerce, and completing their Minority Business Certification. Navarro also informed them of the availability of the new Technical and Economic Assistance Program, a grant program available to small businesses in Clark County that were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, that the Nevada SBDC was providing technical assistance for. In subsequent meetings, Navarro assisted the client in joining the Made in Nevada program and setting up their Shop Made in Nevada e-commerce store, completing the application for the TEAP grant, as well as guiding them in compiling the reporting documentation required to receive the grant funds.

Golden MFG was awarded a TEAP grant of $25,000, a much needed cash infusion that allowed them to transition to a larger location in March, 2023. They also completed their MBE Minority-owned Business Certification, joined the Urban Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas, and joined the Made in Nevada program in an effort to expand their network within the valley and across the state. While they have yet to establish their free-to-use e-commerce store on the Shop Made in Nevada platform, Golden MFG has reached consistent monthly sales of $80,000, and is using their new connections and resources to retool their marketing efforts.

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