Karma Hunter McClain

Business Development Advisor

Office Location: UNLV

Email: karma.huntermcclain@unlv.edu

Phone: (702) 895-5863

Karma is a marketing strategist, digital marketing expert, and copywriter with over 23 years of marketing, sales, and customer service experience in a variety of industries (Tech, B2B, Hospitality, Travel, Health, and more). After graduating from PR/journalism school she became a copywriter at a PR agency. Fueled by a passion for the evolving landscape of digital marketing, Karma transitioned into becoming a digital nomad, traveling the globe while contributing her expertise to resorts worldwide. Along the way, she studied English teaching at the University of Cambridge, adding depth to her multifaceted skill set. Her digital skills set the stage for a series of strategic roles in the tech industry, where she excelled as a CMO, Head of Customer Success, and Head of Demand Generation for various companies. Her trajectory took an exciting turn as she assumed the role of General Manager for American Airlines, showcasing her adaptability and leadership prowess.
In her business, she has generously shared her wealth of knowledge with small business owners, personal brands, marketers, and agencies.
For over 4 years, she has been a marketing mentor for SCORE, actively contributing to the startup ecosystem by conducting workshops and teaching about brand and marketing strategy.