Arian Urgent Care Building

Arian Urgent Care

At some point in everyone’s life, an urgent care center has been a necessity, yet we all dread the lengthy wait that might come with it. Mike Ghebleh emigrated to this country and saw the need for a more personalized and efficient emergency service. He sought out the aid of the Nevada SBDC to help actualize his dream through navigating the business process and funding his ideas. After almost two years of hard deliberate work, he was able to make his dream come to reality and in March of 2021 he started the Arian Urgent Care in Las Vegas; the center strives to have the highest standards in medical care and aims to be one of the most equipped centers in Las Vegas for providing immediate medical service. At Mr. Ghebleh center, their experienced medical staff diagnose and treat all the common diseases and ailments, based on the most up-to-date guidelines. Not only does Arian Urgent Care have a beautiful location to serve the community of Las Vegas but it also has a functional, easy to use website. To aid in accessibility, this center has flexible hours and walk-in appointments to provide patients their services efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.
It is their mission to make sure the patient feels comfortable and satisfied with the diagnostic and treatment services as they arise. You deserve better, you deserve Arian Urgent Care.
Their center strives all days of the week to provide affordable and personable services to patients and their loved ones in a safe environment. Get in touch to see what Arian Urgent Center can do to help your path to recovery.